Can you imagine an all-female army? Women marching in complete synchronization with the cadence of the Holy Spirit? Moving together in unity, with distinction and dignity to advance the kingdom of God?

I believe that this is a season where the beauty and power of women will be on display. Decades of oppression will come to an end. Satan knows that when women discover their true identity in Christ, his evil kingdom will come to an abrupt end. I believe the body of Christ will see a manifestation of what Psalm 68:11 declares: “The Lord gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host” (nas). A strategic time in human history is coming when God will give a command, and an army of women who proclaim the Good News will arise in the earth.
Not at all like the feminist movement, this new breed of woman will not attempt to carry out their mission copying the dress and behavior of men. No, quite the contrary. These women will be arrayed in the softest of silk and elegant high heels. They will be armed with resolve, wisdom, and true discernment, understanding that the true enemy has been Satan and not men—or each other. They will embrace their femininity as being a blessing and gift from God. I believe that we are this new breed of women.

The devil has blurred the lines and devalued the power of being feminine. We don’t have to hide our feminine qualities and compete with men to accomplish our purpose. We must develop a clear understanding of who God created us to be. We must get a clear vision of God’s ideal and make His standards the standards by which we live. We can’t buy into the lies that say male standards are the standards we must emulate to gain respect, fulfill our purpose, and find our identity in this society. Only Jesus has the key to our true identity.

God did not create women to do everything men can do. Equality does not mean sameness. Equality means each person is valued at the same level as another for their unique contribution. In fact the very differences we have are our greatest strengths when recognized and used effectively instead of being at odds with one another. The Word of God clearly teaches us that men and woman are meant to be partners in life—not just in marriage. When we come together in unity and mutually respecting and depending on each other’s unique gifts, we begin to express the complete image of God in the earth.

Men and women alike were created in God’s image and likeness. Our society changes its expectations of us from generation to generation. This is why it must be His Word alone that we use to correct the distortions and devaluing of the differences between men and women. His word for us does not change.

Women were created to express God’s rule and reign in the feminine form. God has mantled women with the gift of leadership to influence and impact the world for good. God created women to be nurturers. We were designed to influence and inspire those in our sphere with godly wisdom and gentle encouragement. We are helpers. We support and champion dreams and visions.

Godly femininity is nonthreatening and does not seek to intimidate. Godly femininity is power under control.

From Inferiority to Influence

There is a great move of the Holy Spirit among women. Women all over the world are feeling a passion welling up within our spirit that says, “I was made for more.” God is liberating us to move from a place of inferiority, competition, and fear to a place of power, influence, and courage. No longer are we feeling the pressure to put on “fatigues” to impersonate the masculine, but we are being healed and delivered from tradition and religion that have held us captive for centuries.

The Lord is releasing His favor and grace upon us to fulfill His purposes in the earth. The question is will we submit to the process of being trained and commissioned to fulfill these purposes.
We are being called to use our gifts and talents to impact our society to preach, teach, pray, prophesy, and deliver nations. God is empowering us to follow His ordained direction. We are arising and influencing the world in ways they have never done. Women are rising with a new level of determination, courage, and unwavering faith. With this newfound resolve, we must be prepared and positioned properly. We must examine how God wants to raise us up to influence the kingdom and the world. I believe the combination of prayer and action will be two major keys to women influencing their sphere of authority.

Women are some of the most valuable, untapped resources. We are God’s secret weapons. Light is shining and favor from God is being bestowed on women to be all that they can be. God is establishing godly women with authority and positioning them with influence that will bring freedom to societies throughout the earth. Godly, grace-filled women are being positioned to overthrow the plans of the enemies.

What Is the Esther Anointing?

There is pivotal place in Esther’s story where her past and present converged and her anointing was pressed out and revealed. At that point of convergence was where God, the great apothecary, took all of the bitter and sweet experience of Esther’s life and crushed them together under the oil of Holy Spirit to produce what I’m calling in this book “the Esther anointing.”

The Esther anointing is a grace that is being bestowed upon women to influence the current culture for the purposes of the kingdom of God. The anointing of Esther is one of courage and righteous boldness exercised with great wisdom to confront injustice and deliver a generation from destruction. Modern-day Esthers will have a humble, grace-filled, teachable, spirit acquired through submitting to the process of the Lord. Many of the modern-day Esthers have been in places of obscurity, seemingly hidden and forgot by God. But suddenly they will be taken out of the comfort zone of life and placed in positions where they have to speak a new language, learn a new culture, and overcome gender prejudice.

God, in His infinite wisdom and uniquely designed school of the spirit, has been equipping them for such a time as this. He uses every crisis, every injustice, and every victory to work together for their good; they have been learning obedience from the things they have suffered. They have been serving the purposes of God in wilderness-like places, learning to submit to authority in order to become women of authority.
Bitterness will not be the undertone of this company of Esthers, as songs of Solomon 8:5 asks the question, “Who is this coming from the wilderness leaning and dependent upon her beloved”? These women will be motivated by the love of God, leaning on His strength and abilities. They will not be intimidated by natural laws or deterred by the opinions of men. The fear of the Lord and hatred for the enemy will be the driving forces of these Esthers.
Many of these women will demonstrate authentic beauty, embrace their identity, and manifest the power of God in feminine form. They will develop strategic holy alliances with male mentors, as Esther did with Hegai and Mordecai, to demolish division and competition between men and women.

These modern-day Esthers will have an anointing to gather people around the purposes of God. They will understand the times and seasons of God. They will facilitate gatherings of fasting and prayer to plead for life before the courts of heaven and earth.

The anointing of Esther is one of influence, righteous boldness, wisdom, femininity, and favor. This favor that modern-day Esthers will carry is not for selfish gain. They understand that God’s favor is to be used for their assignment in the earth. It’s by God’s favor that they are able to bring forth granted petitions even by ungodly civil authorities. This favor causes policies, rules, regulations, and laws to be changed and reversed for the advantage of kingdom (Esther 8:5).

Are You a Modern-Day Esther?

Where are you today on your own journey? Are you discounting the significance of your life because you are a woman? Have you lost hope in seeing the promises of God fulfilled in your life? Maybe you are thinking there have been so many terrible things that have happen in your life that God could never use you. Maybe you’ve said to yourself, “I’ve made too many mistakes.”

The entire framework of the Esther anointing is rooted in a reversal of destiny. The Esther story is an example of how at one crucial moment in history the covenant promises God had made were fulfilled, not by His miraculous intervention but through completely ordinary events. The Esther story could be your story. God will take ordinary events in your life to fulfill some extraordinary promises to you. The Book of Esther is full of hidden hope. It is the one book in the Bible that does not mention the name of God, yet the message of God’s grace and redemption permeates each word. On the surface, it appears as though God is absent but Esther’s story proves that He is always at work behind the scene in our lives to cause us to walk in our destiny in the earth.

This book will discuss the ways God reveals destiny to His leading ladies who keep Him as their priority. It will identify character traits that you must develop in order to fulfill your destiny; lead you to know how, when, and where your unique gifts operate best; show you how to uncover and guard against snares that will keep you from boldly walking in your assignment, and give you the motivation and encouragement you need to move into a place of significance.

Like Esther, you will learn how to yield to the call on your life and submit to the Holy Spirit’s purification process. Esther went through a season of preparation physically and spiritually. You will see how her respect for prayer and fasting made her the humble vessel God used to rescue individuals, turn circumstances, and deliver nations.

Esther was a woman of clear judgment, courage, and self-sacrifice. Esther was lifted up from exile and poverty to queen. She did not allow her background to determine what God could do with future.
If you sense you have an Esther anointing bubbling up on the inside of you, join me in the pages of this book as we discover what you have been designed to influence.

The greatest thing that can happen to you in life, the greatest source of empowerment you can have, is when you discover your position in the prophetic unfolding plan of God. This will be your unique factor, what you are anointed to do. My prayer is that you get acquainted with your anointing and become more and more aware of what you are here to do.

Declarations and Prayers to Activate the Esther Anointing

I declare in the name of Jesus that I will arise as a mighty woman of God from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept me—I will rise to a new life!

I declare that this is a season where old things and are passing away and all things are being made new in my life. God is calling me to active duty in His heavenly army.

I declare that this is a time where the heavenly Father will make all of my God-given dreams and aspirations come to fruition.

I declare that this is my time and season to accomplish and live in God’s ordained purpose and destiny.

I declare that I will arise from fear and embrace the courage of the Lord.

O, Lord, I thank You that You are an extraordinary God who will accomplish extraordinary things through me. I release myself from self-imposed limitations. I break every limitation that the enemy has placed upon my life. Lord, Your Word says, “Loose thyself…O captive daughter of Zion” (Isa. 52:2), and in the name of Jesus, I loose myself from every limitation, barrier, obstruction, and demonic mind-set that has kept me from meeting my full potential.

No longer will I be deceived and trapped by traditions and the opinions of men. For I was created for greatness! I was created to be God’s glory carrier throughout the earth.

I will arise and be radiant with the glory of the Lord. Let the glory of the Lord shine through me. I am a beaming lighthouse of hope for many that sit in gross darkness.

Lord, give me words of wisdom that will guide and influence many. I will not remain silent! I break every demonic conspiracy designed to keep me silent! I won’t let pass failures and disappointments keep me silent. I will open my mouth wide, and God will fill it.

God, give me ideas, insight, and concepts to bring deliverance to many. You have anointed me to impart to those in my sphere of influence. The words I speak will release life to a hurting generation.

I am not in this world by chance. I’m not in this decade by chance. I’m not reading this book by chance. I am a modern-day Esther! I stir up and activate the Esther anointing through prayer. I embrace my inner and outer beauty. I decree that the power of femininity is being awakened inside of me.

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