The Progression Of A False Prophet

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Accuracy in prophetic ministry is important and should be pursued and cultivated in a prophet and prophetic ministers life but it is not the litmus test of a true prophet….

God’s Road Map For Your Life

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God desires to give us pictures, maps and directions as to how we are to live. He wants to lead us through every turn and season of life. We can…

From Foundation To Revelation

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The primary directive of prophetic ministry is to cause believers to build their lives on the foundation of Christ. Prophets help to lay this foundation into the very nature and…

Words Of Life And Light

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Prophets are among the greatest gifts the Lord has given the body of Christ, partly because of their God-given ability to build with words. Words spoken in the correct setting…

In The Prophetic Advantage Michelle McClain delivers a practical, comprehensive, and balanced look at the role of the prophetic ministry in today’s world. Using the lion as an example, she encourages believers to rise up in boldness, power, and strength, as she…

  • Provides a clear understanding of the biblical mandates and mission of the prophetic
  • Outlines the function and focus that prophets should exhibit
  • Tackles the issues of prophetic operation and balance
  • Gives one hundred advantages that come to those who receive a revelation from God through the voice of the prophetic.

Prophetic Advantage Academy

A national and international school of the prophets to equip global leaders to impact their sphere of influence. Coming Soon!

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